1424 history
1466 History
1489 History
1507 History

History is filled with good stories and mysteries. Scholars are the detectives.
A timeline shows the stories of history through time.
The years of the maps - 1422-1510 - show many changes.
Join the time warp and imagine yourself living in history.


Click on the dates in the menu above to go to the section of the timeline around that date.
Use the information here as a "jumping off place" for further research about the period.
Combine the historical highlights with Geography and Cartography to understand the environment in which the mapmakers lived.
Follow the "A Day in the Life . . . " activity to create a sense of history in modern times.


Two excellent sources provided the materials for this timeline:
Asimov, Isaac. Asimov's Chronology of the World. New York: Harper Collins. 1990.
Grun, Bernard. The Timetables of History
. New York: Simon and Schuster. 1963.

1424 Nautical Chart
1466 Portolan Chart
1489 Portolan Chart
1507 Globe
1507 Wall Map

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