Before writing his book, Olaus Magnus prepared a large wall map of Scandinavia.

It is titled Carta marina et Descriptio septemtrionalium terrarum ac mirabilium rerum in eis contentarum, diligentissime elaborata Annon Domini 1539 Veneciis liberalitate Reverendissimi Domini Ieronimi Quirini, which translates as "A Marine map and Description of the Northern Lands and of their Marvels, most carefully drawn up at Venice in the year 1539 through the generous assistance of the Most Honourable Lord and Patriarch Hieronymo Quirino" (Lynam 1949, 3).

The words from the map

Click on Carta Marina to see the entire title as it appears on the top of the 1539 map.

magnifying glassUnder the Magnifying Glass: Olaus' Carta Marina

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