In addition to the two world maps to accompany the Cosmographiæ introductio and his edition of Ptolemy's Geographiæ, Waldseemüller made another map, in 1516, which is called "Carta Marina."

The title continues with the explanation: "A Portuguese Navigational Sea-chart of the known Earth and Oceans."

As stated by Peter Whitfield "This map is in fact the first and only printed version of the world charts previously known only to Spanish and Portuguese explorers and their patrons" (Whitfield 1994, 54-55). Waldseemüller’s debt to the Cantino map is clear in his 1516 map.

Two years after publishing the great "Carta Marina" Waldseemüller died, leaving a legacy of maps and a book, and the name "America" on maps.


The name as it appears on the 1507 Globe. Click on the image to learn more about how the name came to be on the maps.

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