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Materials for Grades 4-12.


The maps presented here cover a span of 83 years from 1424 to 1507. A timeline places the maps into their historical context. Students discover for themselves the challenges the mapmakers faced without satellites, airplanes, and so many other tools that are common today. Subject area: World History


Knowledge accumulates through history. Mapmakers and their maps carve out a knowledge path for scholars. They use special tools such as color, lines and names to show information on their maps. A guided tour through the web site introduces some of these tools and watches them change.


The shape of the world perceived by the mapmakers changes greatly between 1424 and 1507. A guided exploration of the maps shown here explains how the early mapmakers gathered information and used it to make changes on the maps.


Animations created from the 5 rare maps help visitors see changes in how the mapmakers' drew the world. Giant leaps of understanding occurred between 1489 and 1507. Subject areas: Geography and Cartography


A collection of activities for classroom and computer lab use. Age range: Grades 4-13. Subject areas: analysis and critical thinking, art, writing, research, among others. Digital images of the maps are provided for downloading and printing. They are large files that will self-expand into JPEG format. When printed, they fit onto a 8.5 x 11 paper.


The James Ford Bell Library offers a pamphlet for each unit for a nominal fee. Click on the title to send an e-mail for more information.

1424 Nautical Chart
1466 Portolan Chart
1489 Portolan Chart
1507 Globe
1507 Wall Map

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